The picturesque fishing town of Ermioni, just 55 km from Candia, has become an important tourist destination, offering modern amenities while maintaining its traditional character and natural beauty. Ermioni is a beautiful coastal town, built amphitheatrically, on both sides of a narrow strip of land, on the eastern “finger” of the Peloponnese. It combines the serenity of the island atmosphere with the organization and infrastructure of a city and is an ideal destination for a close escape from the city.


At the southeastern tip of the Peloponnese lies the beautiful town of Argolida, Kranidi. It is located just 53 km from Kadia. Kranidi communicates with Piraeus port by sea and the islands of the Argosaronic Sea, through the ports of Ermioni and Porto Heli. The town is built amphitheatrically on the hills of Agia Anna and Vardounia. On the west and east side, the town has low vegetation and is stony, while on the southeast side there is a wonderful pine forest, Korakia. North of Kranidi lies the mountain of Prophet Elias and northwest is the Valley with the traditional homonymous village and prehistoric cave Franghi just 6 km away.


Just 43km outside of Kandia, lies the village of Didima. Pausanias visited the village while on his tour in ancient Argolida and mentions it in his work as Gemini, where the sanctuaries of Apollo and Demeter existed.Didima is one of the few places in Greece where the flower tulip is native and every Spring since 1962 residents have been celebrating tulip ….


A beautiful fishing village, reminiscent of an island, just 52km from Kandia! You can have a stroll through its main streets and narrow lanes, so you can admire the old well-preserved mansions, surrounded by newly built cottages and houses. The village is surrounded by lush landscapes and idyllic sandy beaches with turquoise waters and thick white sand. Some of them can only be reached by boat. At the harbor, you can gaze at the magnificent view of the sunset, as well as the magnificent historic Nafplio.


Porto Heli is located just 60km outside of Candia and is one of Argolida’s most popular destinations as it has a well-developed tourist infrastructure in addition to its many natural beauties and coastlines. The structure of its harbor makes an ideal place for boat owners. Apart from the beaches with crystal clear waters and areas of rare natural beauty, Porto Heli visitors have the opportunity to see a number of attractions up close, that deserve their attention.